The Late Late Show with James Corden has a cute segment they do every once in a while called Studio 56 Bar Tricks. If the audience likes your act you win a beer. I don't always drink beer but when I do, it's on national TV.

Regis Philbin brought along a clip of me from the first season of "America's Got Talent" when he was on "Last Call with Carson Daly"

I was deeply flattered that he called me his "favorite act".

This was back before I got married and changed my last name. He introduces me here as Dave Smith (which I think of now as my bachelor name).

Unfortunately, I'm not flexible enough to do this act anymore. I had to retire this routine a few years ago.

My second appearance on "America's Got Talent"

Though it was wonderful to perform with Melissa Forgione, I only perform solo these days so I no longer offer this act in my show. All of the skills I showcase here (bullwhip, fire eating, bed of nails) are developed into their own routines.